ECLIPSE 150 transfer hoist 電動移位機 – Portugal 葡萄牙



ECLIPSE transfer hoists provide a comfortable
transfer from a bed, chair or even the floor.
The base legs, equipped with 100mm double
resistant wheels (2 with brake), are opened
by a lever to simplify front access in total
stability and safety. Small wheels allow easy
hoist entry under a bed. Easy to manoeuvre
in small spaces and narrow aisles. Mounts in
less than 1 minute. The arm movement is
guaranteed by an electric actuator,
equipped with a safety system in case of
power failure, emergency button and
mechanical anti-panic lowering. Powered
by 2 batteries 12V 2,9Ah each, with
autonomy up to 40 cycles. Maximum user
weight: 135Kg (Eclipse 135); 150Kg (Eclipse
150), 180kg (Eclipse 180/180 Plus) and 220Kg
(Eclipse 220). Models Eclipse 180Plus and
Eclipse 220 with 10.000N electrical system
and detachable battery. Other options and
configurations: electric foot opening, 4 point
sling hook, scale, 150Kg model with
actuation by hydraulic system, additional
battery for models Eclipse 180Plus and
Eclipse 220.
Suitable for transfers to and from bed, chair,
bath or even floor, it can be used by patients
with amputation, paraplegia, tetraplegia,
among other conditions, by applying the
most suitable transfer slings. Note: slings
purchased separately.